Will and Diana Gage, M.D.

We would recommend Hugh to anyone. In fact, we do! We were first-time homebuyers. In the beginning, we came in with a very low offer, believing that the economy is so bad and taking 10% off the offer price is reasonable in the Santa Monica area. He went through the entire process with us, but cautioned that the price was too low. Since it was our first offer, we thought we’d just run through it as an exercise. Boy, was he right. We worked with some other brokers before him, who were condescending and/or just wanted to make a quick sale. Hugh was always very helpful and answered all of our questions and concerns in a timely fashion. He prepared each offer with an individualized cover letter to appeal to the sellers. Once, we almost accepted a counter offer, which would mean that Hugh would get his commission. But he actually advised us NOT to go ahead with it because he could sense our hesitation. In the end, we bought a house that my husband, daughter and myself fell in love with immediately. When the inspection revealed that the house actually needed a lot of work, Hugh negotiated to bring the purchase price down, which resulted in enough money left over for us to renovate the house, even though this meant he would make less in his commission. He is a very conscientious, intuitive, and sincere person. It was a joy to work with him. If we are in the real estate market again, we’ll definitely work with Hugh in a heartbeat!

Will and Diana Gage, M.D