Vladimir S.

The first thing I’d like to say is that, thanks to Donald from One Percent Broker, I am now a very satisfied first-time owner of a beautiful condo in West LA.

The second thing I’d like to say is that I found that, being a first-time home-buyer in the Los Angeles area in TODAY’s heated market, without adequate guidance such as the service provided by One Percent Broker, proved to be a highly frustrating, and often daunting experience. While it is true that mobile apps such as Redfin and Ziprealty offer the benefit of convenience for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the real estate market, they seldom offer actionable possibilities for the serious buyer in Los Angeles.

I must say that this is a lesson that I learned the hard way. What good is it to go to overcrowded open houses when, for all intents and purposes, they are as good as sold? This was exactly the conclusion that I came to when I first started working with One Percent Broker. Not only is it essential to have up to the minute information of what’s currently available in the market, it is crucial to have an expert hand ready and willing to guide you through every step of the way all the way through to closing. I cannot think of a better first-time home-buying experience than that which I had with Donald from One Percent Broker. He was not only able to provide the necessary perspective I needed about the market I was about to enter, he was always available to answer any question I threw out at him. His patience, professionalism, and informed opinion gradually helped me to zero in on exactly the right combination of parameters I needed to work within to ensure that I sought out the kinds of properties that would work for me. As I slowly came to find out, buying real estate is not just about price and location. Sure, those are important parameters, but they offer just a start. I can’t stress enough the importance of being able to work with someone who is willing to take you through that very personal process. Donald was that person for me.

I started working with One Percent Broker because, being the choosey individual that I am, I figured I could do my own home searches, and the possibility of getting a rebate in exchange for that up-front work was attractive. One Percent Broker has programs that are as hands-on with the buyer as they want, or as targeted as writing offers and provide guidance through closing. In my particular case, my needs fell somewhere in the middle. However, working with Donald, I never felt like I was on my own. In fact, his level of attention always made me feel like I was a valued customer, something that I found invaluable as I stumbled my way through finding the right home that would work for me. In my case, when all was said and done, I had written multiple offers, and turned down a few before I found a home that I could genuinely feel was meant for me. I feel like working with Donald gave me the flexibility to make mistakes that I ultimately learned from, and which eventually gave me the peace of mind to make my final, and best, choice.

Bottom line: I recommend One Percent Broker to anyone who is serious about buying a home.