Steven & Julie Light-Orr

May 24, 2007

We are writing this letter to recommend Hugh Borax and One Percent Realtor.

We had been in the market for many years and had made offers on houses using other realtors. We found Hugh through an open house, and had him email us new listings that fit our price range and area. We also had access to the MLS, and for the next few years we watched the entire West LA market. This really fit with how we wanted to look for a house; we didn’t want someone deciding for us what we might find interesting, we wanted to see everything.

Hugh patiently helped us write up some offers on fixers, but with a blazing hot market, we were quickly outbid. We knew we had to buy when our landlord decided to sell our apartment, and armed with the knowledge we had gained from years of seeing the way things had been selling in our area, we offered on a darling house.

The offer we put together with Hugh was strong and fairly straightforward, but there was a previous offer, and the seller’s agent was difficult and often unavailable. Hugh made sure all the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed, and was ALWAYS available and prompt in getting information to us, and in returning our messages. In fact, we were on location for 7 days of our 22 day escrow, and Hugh was still able to get us to closing. He even took over the seller’s agent’s responsibilities of getting inspectors out, and getting paperwork done and to escrow, etc.

We had always thought that real estate agents got paid an absurd amount of money for the little work that they did; with One Percent Realtor, we felt that we got much more than our money’s worth, and, in fact, felt that we got better service than we had had in the past with full service brokers.

Throughout the transaction, we felt that Hugh was polite, yet very firm, aware of both our needs, and the sellers wants… he is a good negotiator. Above all, we felt that he was honest and trustworthy. He kept both of us informed at all times, often having to call each of us separately. He made us feel like we were his only clients.

His referrals of inspectors, loan agents, etc., were excellent. The escrow company was difficult to deal with, and he diligently kept them on track so that we could close quickly. He even followed up long after the sale (6 months!) to make sure that all of the things the seller had promised to do but hadn’t, (because of the short escrow, and the unprofessional behavior of her agent,) got done.

In short, we can’t imagine why anyone would pay more for real estate service than One Percent, and we can’t recommend Hugh Borax highly enough. We would be happy to talk to anyone about our experience with Hugh. We have finally found our home, and are extremely grateful for Hugh’s support and expertise.