Merilyn & Paul Buchanan

July, 2009

Dear Hugh,

I wanted to let you know, Paul and I finally moved into our new home. It may seem quite a time since we bought the house and are only just moving, but we actually rebuilt and have a dream house now. Because the original house was in a state of disrepair, you helped us buy it at an affordable price which enabled us to go ahead with the rebuilding project.

We want to thank you for all your wonderful assistance in purchasing the house in exactly the neighborhood we wanted to be in. Your guidance and generous assistance brought a ten year search to an end. Of course, the rebate you provide really helped in the financial situation we placed ourselves in. That said, the service you provided was in every sense equal to and even surpassed your competitors. Thank you for the time you gave unsparingly, the sound advice you proffered, and all of your keen attention to details. In all regards you were a valuable asset in what can be a traumatic – and expensive – process.

Without any hesitation, we have recommended your services to others. We have told people that at a time when good counsel, support and a firm hand are priceless, you are just the person needed. Priceless and price less, how can they go wrong!

If anybody needs a reference for your services, we would be more than happy to provide one.

Very best regards,

Merilyn and Paul Buchanan