Marko B.

May 24, 2014

I have been involved in over a dozen completed real estate transactions of various types including single family, multi-family, land, and commercial. I decided to use this brokerage in my most recent multi-family acquisition and found Alan Austin provided a level of service and expertise as good or better than the best I had experienced in the past. And the rebate enabled me to achieve an even better price than the negotiated price. How can you beat that?…You can’t…I wish I had called these guys earlier in the past and I could have saved more money. To achieve the maximum savings, I located the target property on my own, which is not hard to do with all of the information sources at your disposal these days, and then worked closely with Alan to negotiate, identify and resolve issues, and close the deal. I will use One Percent Brokers in the future without hesitation for buying and selling.