Maarten Wagener

October 10, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

This writing is to express my great gratitude to Hugh Borax of One-Percent Realtors.

We found Hugh via an internet search, and because we found him we saved a significant amount of money, we were able to put in a stronger offer on our dream home, and ended up getting it!

As my wife and I believed that no agent could know exactly what type of home we were looking for, we did much of the searching ourselves. A process made easy by the internet, and in particular the real-time “Open House” updates sent to me regularly via email by Hugh.

As soon as we found a property we liked, we sent the listing to Hugh, and he took it from there. Our case ended up being quite a complicated one due to the fact that the sale consisted of a home and adjacent land owned by two separate (quite difficult) parties, and initially two separate escrows. Aside from always making sure to be reachable (a rarity these days), Hugh proved to be very knowledgeable, to be a strong and firm negotiator, working diligently and expeditiously on our behalf, explaining everything to us with great patience and involving us every step of the way. He helped us get the most house for our money, keeping only one percent of his commission for his services, and writing us a check for the remainder, which led to significant savings for us.

The process of working with Hugh has been phenomenal. He told me from the start that the way he works is delivering more than people expect. He has proven to do just that and more. It has been a great pleasure working with Hugh Borax of One Percent Realtors. I will do so again in the future, and I will refer him to my friends and family. In fact, I already have.

If anyone would like to contact me in regards to Hugh Borax and his services, feel free to contact me at 818-888-1952.


Maarten Wagener