Lesley D.

March 10, 2011

I just finished purchasing my home and used One Percent Broker. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Hugh Borax. Hugh is the type of person who excels in whatever he sets out to do. He stays on top of everything (including things we forgot) and made sure all loose ends were tied up at the end (other agents wouldn’t have cared after the papers were signed). Even our escrow broker was so impressed with how responsive and on top of things Hugh was.

He was always so professional and responsive to our questions and concerns anytime of the day. We commonly traded emails past midnight. He always told us our options and never pressured us to make a decision but supported whatever decision we made. He was never out for his own interests which is so rare to find in a realtor. We wanted to ask for $28,000 in credits…most realtors would have said no way and would have never submitted a request for that high of an amount. Hugh suggested a tactic to use to get the credits and it worked! We ended up getting a $28,000 deduction to the sales price we had previously agreed upon.

In previous home purchases/sales my agents were always hard to get ahold of, could never keep which house it was and what problems needed to be addressed straight with their other listings and always seemed to be put out if you ask them to anything more than they felt was their “job”. If a tennis lesson, children, or vacation came up, my interests were put on the back burner. Hugh was the complete opposite. He made us feel like his number one priority. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Hugh. Through a long, unknown, and stressful process, Hugh is exactly the type of agent you want by your side. I highly recommend him and cannot say enough wonderful things about him.