Karim S.

September 14, 2012

My wife and I discovered the One Percent Broker on the internet. What grabbed our attention was his pricing structure. We’re all about saving money, as I’m sure many of you are, too, but we didn’t want to sacrifice at all on service and quality. Choosing Hugh to be on our team gave us the best of both worlds–high quality service and saving money, lots of it.

To decide whether I was going to select Hugh as my broker or not, I literally had an “interview” meeting with him at his office. He and his associate answered to our satisfaction every one of our questions, well over 40. Given that both my wife and I know how to search for houses on-line, Hugh’s model worked well for us. (It’s simple and with fifteen minutes of practice, you’ll be a veteran home searcher, too.) Though he is called the One Percent Broker, we were getting all the services and attention of a full-service broker, except that we had to find the house. Because we didn’t want to be ferried around by an agent going from open-house to open-house at the agent’s convenience, Hugh was the perfect broker for us. Since we attended the majority of the open houses on our own, Hugh saved us THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars.

After we found our “dream home”, that’s when Hugh’s expertise and skills really came into play. He was a MASTER at the offer/counter-offer process, ensuring that we got the best price possible. This whole process is like a game of chess and he is a grandmaster, one of the very few out there. He got us to checkmate in the fewest number of moves. (Any broker can get you to checkmate, but how many moves will it take, and will it be for the lowest possible price?) Once our offer was accepted, he deftly coordinated all the players in our home buying process, and there were many. Hugh was no different than a conductor who gets the orchestra to create its symphonic sound simultaneously. Hugh got everyone working together on our behalf to get us into our home, all the while saving us money every step of the way.

Hugh not only navigated the intricacies of the real estate field for us, but he also successfully on our behalf interacted with a challenging seller and a challenging seller’s broker. No matter how challenging our seller’s broker made it, Hugh never lost focus of the goal of getting us into our dream house while saving us money.

What I really believe I can add to these reviews that no one else has directly said is that Hugh acted as our FIDUCIARY in that he ALWAYS put our interest before his, and this is not what always happens out there in the real estate world. There were times in the process where Hugh could have made a quick commission and “steered us to a house” when we asked for his opinion, but he pointed out all the negatives, many of which we did not see, and, thus, allowed us to make truly informed decisions. After one particular showing of a house that my wife and I were ready to make an offer on, my wife and I said to each other, “Did Hugh just tell us all the reasons not to buy this house?” We ended up not buying that house but later on, some three months later, found a house that truly was perfect for our family. Had Hugh “held back” and not told us what he really thought, we would have bought that house, and he would have made a very quick commission. He truly put our best interest before his. I am pretty sure that most other brokers would have “pushed” us into the house to gain their quick commission.

At times, Hugh acted as our therapist. When things didn’t go our way, and they didn’t many times, he picked us up, dusted us off, and gave us the motivation to keep looking.

From our direct dealings with Hugh and the One Percent Broker team, they gave us service par excellence, and at the same time, they gave us and got us the best price possible on our home. This combination will make you a very satisfied home owner. It did for us.