John K.

May 9, 2013

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EXTRAORDINARY. Hugh made my life better. His business plan fits the time. Internet access has made research absolutely efficient, and he supplied me with information as current as any data a broker would have for him/herself. Therefore, I could eliminate or identify those properties that fit for us. And when we found one….

Hugh would set up an appointment for us to see it immediately. He has developed a network of “field representatives,” one of whom would accompany us in the case that Hugh could not be present- which meant that there was NEVER any waiting for Hugh. Things proceeded quickly and flawlessly. It was amazing. FLUID. And when we found THE property we wanted…..

Hugh took over. He was immediate and thorough. He was first to ask the important questions and in the correct order. We truly felt REPRESENTED. And then our escrow closed and we moved in. Just like that.

Not only did Hugh do a superior job to any realtor with whom I’ve worked- he saved us a lot of money. We felt like we got the best. But we got the best at a bargain. I will recommend Hugh Borax and his One Percent Broker company to everyone. If you’re looking to buy a house, the first thing I would do is hire Hugh.