April 24, 2010

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IF you’re smart enough to know 1) that there’s nothing to finding a home online and 2) that the buyer does indeed effectively pay for the brokers’ commissions, THEN what you really need is an agent who’s a true professional and workaholic AND gives most of his commission to you!

Hugh Borax at One Percent Broker is precisely that person. Every one of my emails was responded to within a few minutes, even when I sent them past midnight, and sadly there were many, many of those!

I work in the often cut-throat world of corporate finance, and I can confidently say that Hugh is as responsive and as devoted as most captains of industry. This is especially refreshing because you’ll find that many realtors treat their work like hobbies and/or have overbloated egos simply because they can find properties online – kind of like having an ego because you can eat with a fork…

If you don’t have time to surf http://themls.com or the other real estate sites, then you may want to go with a full-service broker instead. But if you’re happy to look for a house yourself and don’t see the value-add of a broker’s company to every house you visit, then you might as well go with an articulate, uber hard-working agent who gives you most of his commission!