Itai & Daina, M.D.

May 23, 2008

Dear Hugh,

We just moved into our home, and we are very grateful for your help in
acquiring it. It is our pleasure to write this letter thanking you,
and offering our experience to your prospective clients.

When we first heard about you, the service you offer was very
appealing to us because we intended to do most of the “looking” for a
home on our own. However, we were also concerned, as this was going to be the biggest purchase of our lives, and we were skeptical about
using any non-traditional approach.

Our concerns were allayed the first time we met you, as you were direct, attentive, punctual, opinionated without being pushy, and very resourceful. Once we made an offer and moved into escrow, the pace of everything quickened tremendously, and your role intensified as well. As our interactions with you increased to a near daily level, our confidence to have you represent our interests only grew. You became our strong advocate, representing us in every exchange, ensuring that we had experienced and well-reputed inspectors, encouraging us to be aggressive with our requests, and confronting the unexpected issues that arose with total thoroughness and competence.

In your dealings with the seller’s broker, you were firm but respectful in a way that maintained an appropriate business rapport. The discoveries you made during the inspection processes saved us a substantial sum of money in repairs (which, could easily have been overlooked if it were not for your thoroughness), in addition to the credits you helped us negotiate. Finally, the cash credit that you issued us after receiving your
commission could not have arrived at a more opportune time.

In retrospect, we are so glad to have put aside our initial reservations about using a “non-traditional” brokering business model, and to have worked with you. We genuinely feel that we received first-rate representation, we succeeded with an aggressive offer at a
nerve-wracking time to buy a home, and we are now very happily
settling in. We would heartily recommend you to our friends, and in
fact we have already done so.


Itai & Daina