D.C. & Satsuki Palter

May 14, 2010

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In West LA, where homes start at a million dollars, the 6% agent fees have seemed absurd, especially since my wife and I prefer to use the many on-line tools to find the best candidate properties for us. But we knew we still needed an agent who represented our interests to help us through the actual purchase and escrow process. But I was leary of what I would get from a discount broker.

When I first signed up with One Percent Broker, I expected that discount broker would mean discount service – in other words, someone who would hand us the forms and take care of the legal requirements, but that otherwise we were on our own.

I’m happy to report that this was not the case with Hugh. In fact, Hugh was not only behind us through the entire process, but was more responsive than any other agent I’ve met. He answered all of our questions, helped me get the data I needed to feel comfortable with the pricing, pushed the bank to get the loan done on time, and generally kept everything moving forward smoothly.

Even without the rebate at the end, Hugh was a great agent, and saving money in the process made it a perfect experience. If you’re getting ready to purchase a home in West LA, I strongly recommend contacting Hugh.