Connie M.

August 21, 2011

I had a wonderful experience with Hugh. He is very professional and prompt with his responses. I really appreciate it when the person I’m working with is reliable and great with returning his emails/calls. Although I mostly worked with Hugh, Sarah is also very friendly and a pleasure to work with.

As a first-time buyer, I was happy that Hugh was always very patient with explaining basic information about purchasing a home. He was also very thorough in walking me through all the technical details of each contract I signed. I also appreciated that Hugh would tell me any reservations he had about the property I was interested in. I felt his honesty made my decisions a lot more clear and simple. I knew exactly what pros and cons to weigh and consider.

For my home in particular, timing was crucial and luckily Hugh had no problem taking my calls or updating me over the weekend. Of course, we first clarified to each other that we had no problems working outside of the weekday schedule and so the situation worked out well. I’m glad Hugh was so accommodating when the situation required us to work a little quicker.

So if you’re looking for a quality broker, then I would definitely recommend giving Hugh a call.