Ben Pradhan, M.D. & Dimple Bhasin, M.D.

June 23, 2004

We are writing this statement in appreciation of Hugh Borax and the One Percent Broker office. My wife and I were first time home-buyers, and naturally quite uninformed in the matter. The one thing we did know was that buying a home in this market (May-June 2004) was going to be chaotic. Moreover, we knew no one involved in real estate, so we expected the whole thing to be a shot in the dark, starting with our choice of a real estate agent.

Well, one of my colleagues who had just purchased a home with Hugh’s help told me about the One Percent Broker deal, and it made a lot of sense to me. He had had an excellent experience with Hugh, and was confident that I would do the same. The one thing I knew how to do was go around with my wife and decide which houses(s) we liked. Once we decided which one to put an offer on, Hugh would take over and take care of everything. He would then simply credit me anything over 1% of his commission. That was a substantial amount of money I would have never seen with any other broker.

After talking to a lot of brokers, we simply did not get the sense that they were available readily, and whether they were showing you everything. Most of them actually reminded me of glib salesmen. You talk to Hugh and you immediately get the sense that this is a bright, articulate, effective and no-nonsense type of person. Hugh lets you have instant access to the newest open houses, actually mostly even before they become open houses. It was easy picking the ones we wanted to visit from the online listings.

Once we picked the house we liked, Hugh’s office wasted no time. In fact, by the end of the whole process, I had two diametrically opposed sentiments… true gratefulness to Hugh and hs staff and pure disdain towards the lending bank/agent and escrow agent. Hugh PERSONALLY delivered escrow papers to me to make the deadline after the bank and escrow agents kept dropping the ball. We ended up getting the very first house we bid on in the Pacific Palisades highlands area. You will be lucky to have him on your side! I will recommend him to everyone I can. I have already told my father-in-law to talk to him about another purchase. Hugh has worked for a lot of high-demand clients, and they have been very grateful for his able help.

We wish Hugh and his staff all the success in the world. He, in our opinion, gives the real estate business a sense of credibility.

Ben Pradhan, MD & Dimple Bhasin, MD