Andrea Stern

June 4, 2010

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I just had the greatest experience buying my first home because of the individual care of One Percent Broker. I assumed a discount broker would not take care of me in this unknown process of finding, negotiating and buying a home.

I really knew nothing about this business, but that was okay because I had the guidance of Hugh Borax. He was the most trusting hand in such a foreign world, which allowed me to find the right house for me and successfully get a loan and have my offer accepted. He took me through, step by step, caring for each stage with me so I never felt alone. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be treated well, carefully overseen through the inspections and get the best deal on a new home. And all of this with getting 1.5% rebated back to me because I can use the internet to follow the lists of homes for sale.