Allison Bragard

May 11, 2005

We just recently bought our first house, thanks to Hugh Borax, and while I am incredibly busy remodeling and getting ready to move in, I wanted to write this letter for Hugh because I am so pleased with his services and am tired of telling all of my friends about how great he is. So I thought at least this way, I can forward this letter to anyone who asks about my broker.

Throughout the process of searching for a home, Hugh was very helpful in giving us all the necessary tools to find our house. He did not go out and search for houses for us, and to be honest, at times, I wished he would because I grew tired of looking at horrible places. But when the process was all finished and he gave me that very nice 1.5% refund, which turns out to be pretty substantial, it made it all worth it. As I told my husband on Sundays when he would complain that we were wasting our time, looking at terrible houses, we were not wasting time, we were paying ourselves $10,000 to look for a house.

I knew that Hugh would do the negotiations for us once we made our offer, but I did not realize how great he would be. He was there at every appointment and he had great resources (inspectors, roofers, etc.) every step of the way, which helped us to further decrease the house price. In this way, finding the house was tough, but once we found it, Hugh made the rest of the process very easy. And having talked to my friends who have gone through the process of buying a house, I’ve come to realize that finding the house would have been tough regardless of how we did it. Even with a broker holding your hand and scouting houses for you, you still have to drag yourself around and figure out what you want and how much you can pay. I’m just happy that we were able to do it this way and have the extra cash now to pay for remodeling and furniture!

I would be happy to talk to anyone about my experience. If you would like to contact me, Hugh can pass on my email or phone number.

Good luck!

Allison Bragard