Open House Notifications

Many Realtors hold an open house shortly after listing a home for sale.

Weekday Open Houses:  The “Realtor caravan” occurs one day during the week between 11 – 2 PM and the days vary by area.  We are one of few brokerages that provide this open house information to our clients.
(See note below).

Weekend Open Houses: is a the best way to learn about upcoming open houses in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Homefinder is a useful site to search for weekend open houses both in and outside of the Greater Los Angeles area.

NOTE:  Nearly all open houses are public and buyers are welcome.  It is important to be aware of a principle called “procuring cause,” which may allow a Realtor you speak with to later claim that they are entitled to a commission for telling you about a property that you eventually purchase.

To protect your rebate and ensure that we can represent you on a home purchase, it is helpful if you can advise other Realtors that you are already working with a broker.   This early disclosure eliminates any future issues.

We can even send you some Savanna Real Estate (the DBA under which we make offers) business cards to avoid any bias that “traditional” agents may have because of the rebate we offer.